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flexpet review

FlexPet Review: Can This Tablet Completely Cure An Animals Joint Pain?

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Joint supplements for animals have always been thing of mystery, does FlexPet actually work?

Luckily we’ve broken it down for you.

Hip dysplasia and arthritis can be debilitating for humans and animals alike. Unable to walk, sleep, and be active takes its toll on the body and mind. Animals can especially suffer, since it’s in their natural instinct to roam around and play. When something instinctual like that has to get cut off due to the limitations of their own bodies, an animals mental well-being can deteriorate if action isn’t taken by the owner.

Unfortunately for some pet owners, vet provided supplements like glucosamine and similar products have little, if any effect anymore. This never ending “tolerance” affected my own dog as well. While suffering from severe hip dyplasia and arthtitis, my 4 year old black lab was taking glucosamine and chondroitin on a regular basis. While it worked well at first, as time went on there was little improvement in his severe pain, and the growing feeling of helplessness was overwhelming. If I knew then that a product like FlexPet existed, I would’ve made the switch without thinking twice.
dog with hip dyplasia without joint supplement













While reviewing this product, I was naturally skeptical at first. After trying so many methods years ago with little avail, and no proper knowledge on how to properly care for a dog with musculoskeletal problems, I had become rather wary. After extensive research on almost all of the most cutting edge pet medication in 2017, there is a clear winner among the vast majority of owners who have given it a try. Almost all have had the same experiences as I did, and proceeded with the same distrust.

Let’s dive right in what makes FlexPet one of the best decisions you can make for your pets well-being.

FlexPet is produced by the same manufacturers as the well renowned joint supplement Flexcin, used to treat arthritis in humans. They found the same outstanding results with ingredients used in the Flexcin bottles to help treat hip dysplasia and arthritis in animals.

flexpet dog joint supplement bottle

  • CM8 (Cetyl Myristoleate): As one of FlexPet’s main ingredients, CM8 gets to the root of the problem, fast. It’s strong anti-inflammatory and joint lubricating properties give it an edge against almost all competitors and make FlexPet standout. It also helps with pain relief, and reducing the damage caused by arthritis.
  • Glucosamine: One of the most popular joint supplements in humans and animals, glucosamine helps rebuild and lubricate joints and cartilage.
  • MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane): Yeah its a mouthful. MSM is type of organic sulfur that aids in reducing inflammation and helping joint support.
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen II (HCII): A joint cartilage compound which aids in regenerating and maintaining connective tissue
  • Bromalain: Used for centuries for its anti-inflammatory properties and digestive enzymes

All natural ingredients with virtually no side effects.

No need to worry about allergies or bad reactions, FlexPet uses all natural ingredients with no side effects reported. At the same time, side effects found in other vet prescribed medications are heavy, while they have minimal effect on their pain. These natural ingredients get to the root of the problem without masking the pain. Unique ingredients like CM8 are rarely used in other formulas, and combined with all the others listed it’s a huge step in the right direction for managing your pets health.

Some of the immediate benefits many pet owners see after using FlexPet as a primary supplement include

  • Improved energy and mobility: As your pup gets older, you may see them start to slow down. FlexPet can give them the energy and pain relief they need to enjoy themselves comfortably at any age.
  • Better joint strength and health: It’s all natural ingredients help strengthen and repair joints for the long run, and don’t just cover up the pain.
  • Improved demeanor: A decrease in pain means you’ll find your dog in an overall better mood, with more energy to be themselves and play.

FlexPet works for cats too!

dog and cat cuddling

Have a cat with joint problems? It seems almost unnatural to see a feline not jump around the house, but with a cat who has hip dysplasia or arthritis this can be very painful for them. Again, this may lead to a very unhealthy, depressed, and overall lazy cat. FlexPet’s ingredients are all natural unlike other medications, so they’re perfect for multi-animal households.

To make things clear, you should always contact your vet prior to trying any new medication for your animal if they’re already on something, or if they’ve had any pre-existing conditions. While FlexPet has no side effects, it’s still better to be on the safe side.

Where to buy FlexPet?

You can check it out here. I found the pricing to be similar to most other pet joint supplements on the market, and they even have a promo going on for buy 2 get one free.

If your pet has hip dysplasia, arthritis, or is recovering from an injury, then we strongly recommend FlexPet as their primary supplement to help combat pain and swelling. Pet owners should take action immediately once symptoms first begin to start, the longer you wait, the worse shape they end up in the long run. Be sure to check out more of our supplement reviews to see what can benefit your pet, and what to avoid.




worst dog foods 2017

Top 5 Worst Dog Food Brands In 2017

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Have trouble finding good quality dog food? Start by knowing what to avoid..

With so many lawsuits, recalls, and horror stories floating around the internet, its easy to see why buying your dog the right kind of kibbles can be a headache. Dogs don’t know what artificial fillers or meat by-products are, and their hunger for anything shows no limits. It’s up to you to make it right for them, and the best first step is knowing which ones to stay away from. Heres some of the worst dog food brands that are still flooding pet stores in 2017.

Lets jump right in…

#1: Purina Dog Chow

purina dog chow








It’s easy to see why big brand names like Purina get such a bad reputation, their mentality is simply quantity over quality. Don’t be surprised if they come up a few times on this list. That being said, the Purina Dog Chow line along with its other products (Puppy Chow, etc.) are notorious for its terrible ingredients. Marketed as “highly digestible” dog food, unfortunately it’s anything but that. It’s one of Purina’s the oldest dog food lines, so plenty of dog owners are still purchasing it for the price tag and unknowingly facing the consequences.

Dog Chow is packed with fun proteins like low quality meat and bone meal and chicken by-product, both of which are extremely hard to digest due to no probiotics found at all in the ingredients. They are essentially just dried slaughterhouse waste after the prime cuts have been removed, none of which specify from what animal or how it was produced. It also contains low quality fillers like corn, corn gluten, and soybean meal. To top it all off, Purina Dog Chow is packed with artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. It’s low nutritional content has been linked to hair loss, weight loss, liver damage, and numerous recalls over the years.

#2: Ol’ Roy

Ol’Roy has been the staple for the worst dog food brands for awhile now. It’s one of the best-selling dog foods around since its so widely available, and the cost is dirt cheap. Almost too cheap, which raises suspicions. Unfortunately, many owners have come forward saying how the Ol’Roy line of products have made their dogs sick, lose their appetite, have severe digestive problems, and in worst case scenarios even death. Its easy to see why considering the list of terrible quality ingredients found in it.

The first ingredient found is ground yellow corn, which is another cheap filler responsible for the low cost of each bag. Meat and bone meal makes another appearance as a disgusting protein source with low nutritional value, and Soybean meal which is used in farm animal feed. Animal fat from unspecified sources is also found, preserved with citric acid and BHA which is a cancer causing agent. Once again, loads of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives make Ol’Roy one of the worst dog foods you can give your pet. Just check out some of these Consumer Affairs reviews, yikes.

#3: Alpo

 alpo dog food

Purina makes another appearance with their Alpo line of products. With not much of difference from their Dog Chow line, once again low-quality proteins and fillers seem to be the main culprit. Once again big brand names that fill the market, flooding grocery stores with dangerous foods have become commonplace. Here are some key ingredients that make Alpo “everything your dog needs”.

Ground yellow corn is in this too, as is beef and bone meal, pork and bone meal, and corn germ meal. The pork and beef portions are just dried up sections of any slaughterhouse waste from the animals, which is a terrible source of badly digestive protein. Once again, no probiotics are found, and its filled with a plethora of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Animal fat is also listed as a primary ingredient, which as we saw earlier comes from unspecified sources. Sickness reports are common wit

#4: Pedigree

 pedigree dog food

Pedigree is one of the most popular, and best known dog food brands out there. With their dog food lines formulated for large dogs, old dogs, puppies, and everything in between, what could possibly be wrong with them? In fact, I’ve fed my dogs Pedigree a few years ago, and in the short time frame that I did, I noticed an immediate change. They began drinking excessive amounts of water, had severe diarrhea, shaking, and sleeping all day. We immediately took them to the vet fearing the worst and they told us exactly what we thought, it was the food.

Many of the same ingredient seen earlier are ones Pedigree also uses. Proteins from terrible sources and little nutritional value like chicken by-product and meat and bone meal are some of the first ingredients. Followed by corn, corn gluten and soybean meal serving once again as cheap fillers simply to justify the cost. No probiotics are found either which make it easy for your dog to experience digestive issues.

#5: Grreat Choice

grreat choice dog food

The Grreat Choice line of dog food is produced by one of the largest pet retailers in the world, PetSmart. It’s readily available for a low price so it’s a very popular choice for pet owners all around. It does however, compete with the other brands in this list as a terrible choice for your dogs health. Lets dive into some of the reasons why Grreat Choice makes this list.

Just like any other brand here, some of the same fillers and cheap proteins have been used. Ground yellow corn, meat and bone meal, and chicken by-product are found, as well as poultry fat preserved with the cancer causing agent BHA. Even the third ingredient is wheat middling, an extremely inexpensive filler that is just mill dust and that they use for livestock feed.

To keep it short..

The main objective of this post was to educate dog owners on some of the ingredients found in cheap quality dog foods. To avoid repetition I’m keeping this list short at 5 since many of the ingredients found in each of these are the same, so it’s easy to identify other brands to avoid in the future. Know what to look out for, especially with big brand names that dominate supermarket shelves. Don’t be fooled either by flashy advertising and premium branding that comes with them either, as the real truth lies in how they are produced.

Make sure that your dog gets the optimum amount of clean protein, carbohydrates, and fats to ensure a well balanced diet. Also be sure to check ingredients for any cheap additives, fillers, and preservatives as these can do way more harm than good. Lastly, talk to you vet to ensure that your pet isn’t missing anything important in their diet, or to make sure they aren’t being harmed by the foods that they are currently eating. We hope this list has helped inform you of the dangers of popular brands of dog food, and gives you the tools to know what to avoid.


introducing cats and cat behavior

Introducing Cats To Each Other: A Guide To Cat Behavior

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Any cats behavior can be very stressful when introducing cats to each other, here’s how to make it go smoothly..

Maybe you’ve decided it was time to give your furry friend a companion or two. As some cat owners may know, it may not be as easy as it seems to introduce your feline to another. Consider how long your cat has gone without contact with one of their own. Usually, when contact is cut for a certain amount of time, it is common for them to become quite territorial or nervous when new cats enter their environment.

cat behavior bored cat

For some cats, their behavior can lead to isolation..

To start off, it’s pretty obvious that if your cat has previously lived in another household with other felines, they are more likely to adjust to their surroundings quickly, same goes for dogs as well. It’s still important to know certain behavioral signals, warning signs, and the proper steps to take in order to bring new playmates into the picture.

From personal experience I’ve done this the wrong way. I had made the mistake of introducing my cat, whom had been away from the shelter for about a year and a half, to a family members 3 year old Maine Coon who had just been adopted.

Right away, my cat had begun to show noticeable signs of aggression while inside his kennel, and we had no idea what to do besides get the 3 year old out of the room and pretend none of it happened.

our troublemaker cat bear

Our cat “Bear” in his natural habitat, lazing around the house

Unfortunately after another year of isolation he became extremely bored. Some of his habits included:

  • Scratching and biting of furniture. When confronted, only replied with a smug meow.
  • Days spent sleeping and inactive, more often than a normal cat. Cats can normally nap up to 15 hrs a day, but his was excessive.
  • Moping around the house, uninterested in most of the things that would normally bring out his natural feline curiosity, even food.

Bored cats can be troublemakers, its important to keep them mentally stimulated to avoid any bad behavioral habits.

Now its true that a cat doesn’t necessarily need another cat to entertain them, after all a good pet owner should be engaged with them whenever possible. Cats are naturally independent creatures, and it’s perfectly normal and okay to not always have the time for them. We all have lives that don’t revolve solely around our cats (unless you’re a crazy cat lady).

Bringing in another cat into your lives can help ease their loneliness and boredom when you’re not around, and giving new play ideas when you are.

That being said..

Here are some major elements that are focused on making the introduction go just as planned.

Firstly we need to get the new cat comfortable in your home..

  • Let them enter your home to mark their territory. Create a separate space they can call their own that can contain food, water, a litter box, outdoor view, and a place of rest (kitty condo, etc).
  • Play with them until they begin to feel more comfortable. If signs of discomfort or aggression begin to occur, allow your cat some time to adjust to themselves.
  • Similar to dogs, food helps them stay grounded and build trust early on. Give them treats in their space so they remain calm and happy throughout the introduction.

A feline’s scent marking is critical for introducing cats

A cats natural instinct is to rub their cheeks on nearby object to mark their scent. This will be one of the first points of contact for your furry friends to meet, knowing each others smell and being aware of each others presence.

We can start by giving the new cat some of your cats bedding, toys, or any piece of clothing that has your cats scent on it, and vice versa. Both cats should be introduced to the others scent well before the initial meeting itself. This is one step a lot of pet owners miss and arguably the most important.

Never rush the initial meeting!

One of the worst things you can do is just outright let them play and chase each other during their first meeting. This can lead to some very nervous and aggressive felines which will make it harder for everyone involved.

A stair gate is one of the best tools you can use to finally introduce them. Cats are very territorial creatures, so this allows them to smell and meet the other without actually having to interact. Let both cats warm up to each other at their own pace as they will most likely keep their distances at first.

curious cat behavior meeting new catThis is the perfect opportunity to give them food as its a distraction and a positive association to eat in each others presence, it helps build trust.

Allow them to slowly begin to become comfortable in each others company. All cat’s have unique personalities, so this process can be as easy as a single afternoon, or over the course of a week. It’s important to have both cats feel comfortable first before moving on to full play mode. If they display noticeable signs of aggression, continue scent swapping for another day or two, and then continue again with the stair gate introductions.

Once they are comfortable, allow them to finally interact, sniff, and play. Keep a good watch on them when they play, as some cats can get overstimulated very easily and can become aggressive. If they start to get rough, simply calm them both down and give them a treat to reinforce good behavior habits.

Cats can also be toddlers, they hate sharing..

Whether its their food bowl, bedding area, or toys, you will quickly notice how territorial your feline can be. Try making your home accommodating for both cats in the first few months by making separate areas for them to sleep, play, and do their business. Cats are naturally solitary creatures, so its important to know and respect their boundaries.

Introducing cats requires patience and an understanding of cat behavior.

You’re now well on your way to becoming a multi-cat owner! It’s a rewarding experience caring for multiple cats, especially those who desperately need homes. Use this guide whenever you or someone you know decides to bring another cat into the picture, because as a pet owner it’s important to keep them comfortable in a new environment.


caring for dogs with hip dysplasia

How to care for dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis, and more

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Hip dysplasia, tendonitis, and arthritis in canines can be a huge responsibility for pet owners in new territory…

One of the biggest struggles I found as a pet owner early on was witnessing my dogs’ severe hip dysplasia progressively get worse, and the sense of helplessness that came along with it. Figuring out what worked best for him was equally frustrating as all I found online were conflicting topics on what worked and what doesn’t. The vets we worked with were phenomenal but as any pet owner knows, that can come with a hefty price tag.

dogs with bone problems sleeping on dog bed

Pain relief for dogs as a pet owner is a huge responsibility, its important to take the rights steps

Before going any further, it’s important to know that you should still speak to your vet, as all dogs have unique and specific needs when it comes to their treatments. However, your pup will thank you for taking the necessary steps for pain relief and maximum comfort in the future.

Lets dive into some suggestions you can implement right away, and a few that you can discuss with your vet if they’re the right fit for your dog.

Orthopedic dog beds, help increase their energy and mobility when they wake up.

I can’t stress the importance of this enough, the place your dog sleeps every night can be slowly hurting them over time. If your dog is waking up stiff, groggy, and sore, then its time to change. As humans, if we’re sleeping on an old, springy mattress that hurts your back every morning its common sense to buy a new one, but we often overlook that for our pets since we don’t think it affects them. Dogs with musculuskeletal problems need to be prioritized when it comes to their living environments, and there’s no better place to start than their sleeping arrangement.

We looked around the web for the perfect bed for my 3 year old black lab, whose hip dysplasia was now hurting his ability to even play around the house with his sister let alone go for sleeping on ort

We ended up finding the perfect orthopedic dog bed for him, the PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge. Any other high quality memory foam bed is perfect for your dogs comfort as well, but what made us go for this one was the amount of highly praised reviews it got from owners with similar situations.

Within a few weeks we saw a noticeable difference in the mornings, with him looking more energized and alert, running around the house with little discomfort, and going on walks for longer distances. While this may only have been a slight improvement for his overall hip dysplasia treatment, it’s still a necessary first step in the right direction. Be sure to keep the bed in a warm dry area, so the bone problems don’t worsen

Exercise, keep them active and mobile with low impact activities.

Often overlooked by everyone, is the impact exercise has on a dogs well-being. Owners of dogs with bone problems might think that getting your dog up and active might be a bad thing from the pain it looks like it could cause, but this is just the opposite.

dog swimming for low impact activity

  • Low impact activities like swimming, light jogging, and treadmill walks are a great way to keep them fit without putting too much stress on their joints.
  • Massages and physical therapy can also be very beneficial in easing stiff muscles and reducing pressure on joints. Get your vet to show you some easy methods, or check out some of these that you can do at home.

Each dogs activity schedule should be based on a few factors like the severity/type of their condition, age, weight, etc. Check with your vet for a good workout schedule for your dog, and usually be sure to let them exercise every day in short amounts rather than only a few days a week with longer sessions as this could do more harm than good.

Dog Supplements, the next best step to maintain a healthier pet for the long run.

The one topic dog owners can all agree is frustrating is figuring out the right kind of supplements for your dog. Musculoskeletal problems can come in hundreds of different ways just like in humans, so an accurate approach is necessary. Speak to your vet beforehand and get a specific treatment plan to work around.

dog orthopedic massage for canine hip dysplasia

The two most recommended supplements given by vets is glucosamine and chondroitin, for good reason too. Glucosamine is a main sugar and amino acid responsible for the lubrication and shock absorption of joints, and the maintenance of joint cartilage. While chondroitin helps with repairing damaged tissue, and building cartilage.

Another good supplement I’d recommend would be FlexPet, which is basically just an all-natural supplement containing a cocktail of essential ingredients needed for pain relief and joint health. It contains glucosamine, many different anti-inflammatory ingredients. What makes FlexPet so unique is their CM8 (Cetyl Myristoleate) formula unseen anywhere else, which combines anti-inflammatory properties, with joint lubrication and repair all-in-one.

Best dog insurance to have have peace of mind when it comes to your pets needs

One of the biggest mistakes we made with our dog was not getting him covered. This ended up costing us more in the long run, and eventually just made everything an extra, completely avoidable headache. From medication, to vet visits, it burnt a hole in our wallet just getting him to live the pain free life he deserved, so eventually we hopped on board.

Some of the best, and most reliable pet insurance around would have to be Embrace Pet Insurance, due to the reputation they have from past pet owners, an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, and top level customer care.  They also don’t implement any lifetime coverage limits or per-incident limits, so if your pet needs constant visits to the vet, they’ve got you covered.


Getting your pet the proper care they need is the most important step you can take as a new pet owner, especially to a dog with bone problems. Implementing a few of these into their daily lives will not only help them in the long run, it will strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Caring for a pet with any disability is tough, but taking action in the right direction is easy. I hope some of these tips help you and your pet continue in the right direction.


furbo pet cam review

Furbo Dog Camera: A Full In Depth Review

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Furbo Dog Camera Review: The next best gadget for your pet.

Need a pet sitter that can do it all? We all have busy lives, so its good to have some peace of mind when we leave our dogs home alone for long periods of time. With the Furbo Dog Camera, you can finally interact with your dog closer than ever. Check it out here.

Dog camera food dispenser Furbo pet camera

  1. Livestream and monitor your pets through the 720p HD Camera, complete with a 120° wide-angle view lens, 4x digital zoom, and Night Vision for full 24 hour coverage.
  2. Load up to 30 of your dogs’ favorite treats and toss them via the Furbo app for a fun game of catch while you’re away.
  3. 2 way chat for full communication, and Bark Detection: a bark sensor that sends push notifications to your phone, so you can calm them down whenever they need it.

The Furbo App lets you access your Furbo Pet Cam to see what they’re up to anywhere, anytime.

Have your dog feel comfortable by themselves with on demand insights on their behavior right to your phone. This innovative device is perfect for reinforcing new training habits, especially for dogs with separation anxiety. Helping set good habits as they happen is important for all pet owners, so the Furbo helps keep a connection between you for complete interaction throughout the day.

Furbo Pet camera Furbo app

  • Record special moments at the touch of a button, save, and share on social media for friends and family.
  • Smart Privacy Mode: A unique feature that shuts off the Furbo dog cam whenever you enter the house, to ensure maximum privacy and avoids unwanted notifications to your phone.
  • Apple watch compatibility, and the Furbo App is perfectly designed for Android and iOS phones.

Crowdfunded to almost $511K its become one of the most high tech all-in-one pet sitters around..

Stop wondering if your pet has chewed out your couch again while you’re at work. Have some peace of mind linked right to your phone, all you need is a simple WiFi connection and steady internet and you’re good to go.

The Furbo is also extremely durable, designed to withstand any bumps or bites your dog might give to it. All while its sleek, modern look makes iFurbo shooting and dispensing dog treats pomeraniant a perfect addition for any homeowner.

Where to buy the Furbo Pet Cam?

You can purchase it here and at an almost 28% discount!


  • Furbo Pet Camera
  • 7 foot long non-tangle cord
  • Power adapter
  • Quick Start Guide


“Every time Luka hears the treat tossing sound, he dashes towards the Furbo wagging his tail and patiently waits right in front. This allows us to compensate for our guiltiness of not being home with him. A couple times we caught Luka about to do something naughty. Thankfully, we had Furbo which had the two way audio feature that allows us to talk to him before he committed the crime. It is so convenient! “- Anonymous

“As a professional dog trainer, I look at dog products a bit differently than pet owners. Dog devices shouldn’t frighten dogs. They should be easy to set up and able to positively change a dog’s behavior.   One such product that meets these criteria is the Furbo dog camera. When opening and operating a Furbo dog camera, I was pleasantly surprised by its featured options. Furbo not only provides you the comfort of being able to see your dog when you’re not at home, but it also dispenses hard treats. While I reviewed this dog camera from a dog trainer’s perspective, I find it’s a great device for pet parents as well.” –Fanna Easter

Furbo Bark detecting sends push notifications to phone

Furbo Pet Camera Final Verdict

Is it worth it? Yes.

This pet monitor excels when it comes to a user friendly experience. The unique treat dispenser combined with the 720p HD camera and 2 way chat gives a new level of connection in an innovative and fun way unseen in most other dog cameras or pet food dispensers on the market. Check it out here, and don’t miss out on the limited time offer.